Diana Rossell, CLO Coordinator

Being present at the indigenous communities by visiting them permanently, the Total´s Community Liaisons team (CLO), coordinated by Diana, has generated proactive transparent dialogue and successfully put in place procedures such as grievance mechanisms and local hiring.

Building Long Lasting Relationships

 “One of the CLO´s main goals is to keep an ongoing dialogue with all the people of the Guarani Communities. This in order to read the social climate, avoid and prevent any situation involving obstacles for the operations and therefore manage them in advance" Diana explains.

Diana coordinates 14 CLO´s, who are permanently at Total´s operation areas, in contact with the indigenous families, private owners and local leaders listening to their preoccupations, managing local labor demands and looking for solutions with project managers to their complaints.

As the Community Liaison Officers Coordinator, Diana is very proud of her team´s achievements. "We are very proud of the CLO team and believe we have fulfilled our objective of building a relationship of trust with communities.”

Well rewarded visits

The long journeys traveling during several hours are left behind and forgotten when Diana gets to the communities. “It gives us great joy, each time they receive us with affection" she affirms with a smile.

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"One of the CLO´s main goals is to keep an ongoing dialogue with all the people of the communities."

Short resume

  • 2012 to present

    Community Liaison Officers Coordinator, Total E&P Bolivie

  • 2010 to 2012

    Legal Advisor, YPFB Chaco

  • 2004 to 2010

    Legal External Consultant, Chaco S.A. - Transredes S.A.

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