TEPBO is reknown for its quality, works with the highest standards of the petroleum industry and demands the same of its suppliers of materials and services.

TEPBO opens the communication with this page for the companies that want to supply us with goods or services. If a company is interested, it can provide the necessary information demanded through the attached form below.

If the provided information draws TEPBO's attention and if TEPBO considers of interest to initiate the process of pre-qualification of supplier for certain materials or services, it will get in touch with you. TEPBO does not assume any commitment for the fact of receiving the questionnaire. 

In any case the request will remain registered for possible needs that arise in a future.

Click here to access the form to register.

Click here to access the link to the suppliers platform

Biddings in process

The following list shows the biddings in process that TEPBO is carrying out to obtain offers of goods and services. Only the suppliers that form part of Total  E&P Bolivie´s suppliers registration data base and suppliers registered in YPFB´s system (Sistema Nacional de Contrataciones y Operaciones Petroleras - SINCOP) are invited to participate in the biddings, according to Supreme Decree DS 3398.

TypeNumberDescriptionDateBase of bidding
PAC Annual Procurement Program 2019January 2019