Total in Bolivia contributes to the country's development since 1994, as a partner and operator of important national gas production projects and developing major new fields in the country.

Exploration and production

We participate as non-operator partner in San Antonio, San Alberto, XX Tarija Oeste (Itaú) blocks since the early 2000s, being part of the development of this important production fields. With GP Exploration and Production SL (subsidiary of Gazprom) and Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB), a Service Contract for the Azero Block was signed on 2014.

Since 2001 and 2003 respectively, we operate Aquio and Ipati blocks. Total E&P Bolivie has 50% in this Operating Contract signed with YPFB; our partners, Gazprom and Tecpetrol, have 20% each, and YPFB Chaco 10%.

Incahuasi Project

As an operator, Total in Bolivia is developping the Incahuasi and Aquio fields´, the most important new fields being developed in the country.

The 8 million cubic meters of gas per day that Incahuasi produces are crucial for Bolivia´s revenues. Hydrocarbon extracted from three gas wells and treated in the plant are sent through 160 km of pipelines to be distributed by the national oil company (YPFB) and meet the countries internal and external demand. With the 1,200 million USD invested, Incahuasi adds 12% to Bolivian gas production.


Key Figures

  • 1994
    Total starts in Bolivia
  • 8M
    Cubic meters per day of gas
  • 1,200M$
    Incahuasi Project investment
  • 130

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